West Knoxville couple charged with child abuse

By Nancy Morris

Jessica Ann Cox, 36, who lives at 834 Canton Hollow Drive in West Knoxville is charged, along with her husband, Kenneth Michael McIntosh, 38, with aggravated child abuse. The couple were arrested at their home on Wednesday afternoon, November 6.


The investigation began in May, when the boys showed up at Farragut High School handcuffed together, after they had escaped the home.  The boys 14 and 16 are Cox’s stepsons.

The boys told authorities that Cox kept one of the boys handcuffed for hours without food. She would beat him and burned him with cigarettes and incense. They also said that she would handcuff one of the boys to the kitchen cabinet with his hands above his head and beat his feet with things such as a rolling pin and a rubber mallet. The teen had swollen legs and had an open wound on his foot. Scars from healed burns were found on his arms and penis. Both boys had been burned with cigarettes or incense.

Both boys are also suffering from lacerations on their wrists. They testified against Cox at a preliminary hearing in October. The case was bound over to a grand jury. The grand jury returned multiple indictments of child abuse and the couple was arrested.

Cox is now charged with 29 counts of aggravated child abuse. The father, McInosh faces 17 counts, including aggravated child abuse and child abuse.

The pair is being detained in the Knox County jail on a $200,000 bond each.

Cox is no stranger to the criminal system. She has a history that includes aggravated child abuse, child abuse, possession of legend drug without prescription, simple possession/casual exchange, and shoplifting.

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