The world’s largest army

David D. Creekmore

Did you know that America has the world’s largest army, and we do not pay them a cent? Do you know that they provide their own weapons- many of which are better than the regular issue? Further, they provide their own uniforms, transportation, and even ammunition? You didn’t? These are America’s hunters.

Look at the facts. There are over 600,000 hunters in Wisconsin alone. They all went hunting, most took a deer, and no one shot another hunter. They spent money to get there, for food, and maybe for lodging. They contribute to the economy. In addition, they fill their freezers with meat that no-one had to raise, or tend. More men under arms than Iran. More than France and Germany combined. 

This number is small fry compared to the 750,000 that hunted in the woods of Pennsylvania, and Michigan’s 700,000. They all returned home safely- most with meat. Then, there are the 250,000 hunters from West Virginia. Who knows the number in the other states? One thing we do know- just the hunters in the top four states make the largest army in the world. With the others added in, we have millions of armed men.

The United States will always be safe from invasion because who wants to face an armed citizenry? The Japanese did not invade the West Coast because of the number of armed citizens in California. Germany factored in the number of arms in England, and also in the U. S.  This is, and always has been our strongest defense against foreign invasion.

Since we don’t have mandatory military service, and not enough money to keep the armed forces we have, we can always count on the armed citizenry- they will be in the woods every year. My old Sargent Major is, as I write, in Wisconsin for his 15th year. He has with him his grandsons. I had to provide rifles for two of them. They will bring home the meat, and would stand in defense of the nation.

A famous soldier once remarked, “If my nation needs me, I will fight for it. If not, and my state needs me, I will fight for it. If not, I will fight for my city, and county, and if not- for my side of the street.”

I hope this attitude continues to exist today. We need it- we need the meat, and the armed citizenry standing ready as they did in 1776. As they said, “Don’t Tread On Us.”

By David Creekmore

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