Talk of the Town

By: Martha Woodward


Had a great time at the Southern Women Expo held Friday and Saturday, July 19 & 20. I signed books and gave a short speech. So happy to see friends and customers who attended.


Congratulations to: Event & Marketing Manager: Jennifer Johnsey; Vendor Relations: Jaclyn Bogart; Special Events Coordinator: Gregory Wytiaz; Artist Relations: Chad Burchette-the team who produced this event. They did a great job and are awesome people. Our community is fortunate to have such spirited and talented folks in our midst. Expect to hear more good things from them in the future.


Look for more about this event in other pages of this paper as Pat Griffieth, our editor, was seen browsing through the exhibits and shopping.




Are you hot or what? All this heat has me saying an extra prayer each day in thanks for excellent air conditioning. Whew!!! How did we make it without it? But, we did.


The City of Knoxville, has several plans upcoming. Along with the board of Lakeshore Park Inc., the city is asking for input about the improvements/plans for Lakeshore Park


The City of Knoxville is also looking into a new vision for World’s Fair Park. In cooperation with the University of Tennessee, it will explore possibilities to enhance World’s Fair Park as a center for cultural resources.


According to their website,“Mayor Rogero appointed Bill Lyons, Deputy to the Mayor and Chief Policy Officer, to co-chair a working group with Jan Simek, Distinguished Professor of Science in the Anthropology Department at UT.


The group, which will consist largely of World’s Fair Park stakeholders, will determine feasibility and support of the concept. The upcomings meetings will be open to the public.


Also, plans are moving forward for a proposed pedestrian connection from World’s Fair Park to the Fort Sanders Neighborhood at 11th Street. This proposed connection includes several obstacles including a pedestrian bridge over the railroad tracks, with ADA accessibility to the park below, and a 15-foot elevation difference through the parking lot between KMA and 11th Street. Build it and they will come.


Many thanks for the fine job being done by the Public Service Dept. crews who collect brush and other household yard waste every other week on pre-set, fixed schedules.

My daughter was helping me clip weeds last week, as within the hour of our placing a big stack of huge weeds in a pile near the street, the PSD was there with the big truck with the claw arm removing the weeds. That’s service, man. Remember, “Yard waste should be placed next to the street in an unobstructed area and kept separate from other trash.”






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