Run Prissy, Run

Rita Sutton

Four years ago, I purchased my white poodle named Prissy, who I call my baby. First of all, I bought her, thinking I was receiving a “tea-cup” poodle. Instead, she kept growing until now she weighs 7-8-pounds. Needless to say, I consider her the most wonderful dog in the world!

Prissy’s one trait, which causes me a little trouble or maybe I should say a lot, is she’s a runner. Any time she possibly can, she gets loose and takes off, and bam she’s gone and I mean gone. I must give her credit though; she has learned the word “stop,” so this does help to catch her, sometimes.

Prissy and I were staying at my sister Renee’s house a few days ago. Everything was going fine. Renee’s son Jamie and Randy (who works at the paper) were over at the house. Somehow, without anyone knowing, Prissy ran out the door. Of course, things were hectic and Prissy’s presence went unnoticed, until there was a bark which sounded muffled. Jamie said she was outside. Thinking she was in the fence in backyard we opened the door-no Prissy. “She’s in the garage,” someone stated. No Prissy. There was only the front yard left. Panic filled my heart. I just knew she had taken one of her famous journeys. Someone opened the door, ready to run after her, instead, there stood Prissy, in all her glory; standing on the front porch, scratching the door, and looking up waiting for one of us to let her in. This was a first for Prissy and of course, she was loved and awarded for her unexpected return.

My friend, this has been on my mind often since that day about how when we are sinners we run, and run, and run from the Lord. He so lovingly will speak to our hearts with a still small voice, and yes, often a “yell” to endeavor to receive our attention. And yet, many times, His voice is silenced by our own will of rebellion. This not only happens with sinners, but when we are Christians. God, with His loving mercy, and everlasting grace, keeps on speaking to our hearts and endless times we pay no heed to Him.

God in His precious Word tells us in Revelation 3:20, “Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with Me.” What a wonderful promise. If we, with a consenting heart, will open our hearts door, and release our own willful ways, God will open the doors of heaven and meet with us where we are. Where we are- whether we are living in sin, or we are a Christian who has wondered somewhat away from God, God will keep His Word.

Another awesome promise in Luke 11:9. He spoke these words to His disciples after He had given the Lord’s prayer. “And I say unto you, ask, and it shall be given; seek and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened you.” What wonderful words Christ spoke Himself to us. But there are conditions: one, we must have given Him our heart completely; two, we must have a willing heart, willing to keep His commandments; and third, we must be willing to obey and be open to His Holy Word and do our part, Ask, Seek and Knock. Sometimes we must keep on asking, seeking and knocking for a while. But when we mean business with God, He will mean business with us, and keep His Word!

Until next time, obey God, and He will pay you back with goodness.

From My Heart with Love-Rita

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