God wants to take us places we have never been (Part II)

Dustin Wilds

Last week we began looking at the topic ‘God wants to take us places that we have never been.’ We are using the scriptures found in Joshua 3:1-5 for our study. We ended last week with the question, “If God wants to take us places that we have never been and He wants to do miracles and wonders among us, how come He isn’t?”

Soren Kierkegard, the 19th century Danish religious philosopher, tells a story in which I believe we can find the answer. The story he tells is about a town in which only ducks live. Every Sunday the ducks would waddle out of bed get ready and waddle through the middle of town to the church. They would waddle into the sanctuary and sit in the same exact seat as they had last week. The duck choir would waddle up to its place on the platform. Then the duck minister would waddle up to the pulpit and open the duck bible. He would then minister to the duck congregation. “Ducks, God has given you wings. With those wings you can fly. You can soar like eagles. No walls can hold you in and no fence can keep you on the ground. God has given you wings and He intends for you to fly.” The whole duck congregation would shout amen! And then they would all waddle back out the door, back up the street and back into their homes.

I believe alot of times in life we are a lot like these ducks. God has offered us all we need to overcome, yet we choose to rein complacent. God has opened doors, yet we refuse to step through them. He has invited us to walk on water, yet we choose to stay in the boat. God has called us for something great. He has called us to achieve our dreams. He has called us to fly, yet we choose to waddle.

How do we overcome the duck mentality? How do we learn to fly and quit waddling? How do we go from manna to milk and honey? How do we go from the wilderness to the Promised Land. We have to understand that God’s promises are conditional. He will do His part, but we have to do ours.

The first step is we to position ourselves to receive the promise. In Joshua 3:1, it says, “And Joshua rose early in the morning; and they removed from Shittim, and came to Jordan, he and all the children of Israel , and lodged there before they passed over.”  Joshua has brought them to the edge of the Promised Land. He has put them in position to receive what God has for them. Are you putting yourself in a position to receive from God? Are you pursuing the promises of God? Are you chasing the dreams that He has given you? Are you doing your part?

Next week we will look at the next step to overcoming the duck mentality. Until then be blessed and be a blessing.

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