Biblical Times Serves Up a Great Feast and Special Effects


The newest and most innovative show in Pigeon Forge is the Biblical Times Christmas Feast. The new show features a talented cast, a hearty feast of Biblical proportions and special effects features featuring holograms that are so lifelike the viewer will be left to wonder whether what they are seeing is real or a hologram?

The first half of the show features the talented cast members performing Christmas carols. The second half of the show is the story of the birth of Jesus as told by the prophet Simeon. The prophet is a hologram. But the quality of the effect is such that many audience members leaned forward to get a better look at the old sage in an effort to see if he was real or not. Throughout the show the cast members reenact the journey Mary and Joseph took to Bethlehem the night of the birth of Jesus.

In more than segment of the show the cast members interact with the holograms making it difficult to determine is it real or a hologram. Animals grazing in barn setting on Christmas night look so life-like they appear to be real down to their breath that appears as fog in the air.

“The holograms are unique to the Smoky Mountains,” said producer Allan Miller. “I had a man tell me he had grew up on a farm and couldn’t tell if the animals were real.”

Dinner is served on trays that attach to the stadium seats. This patented and innovative seating provides a very comfortable place for the audience to eat. The meal includes chicken, pulled pork, salad, bread, vegetables and cake for dessert.

The cast includes veteran performers that have performed around the world.

Ryan Morris was a season seven finalist on American Idol. Morris has performed at the Hoot and Holler, the Tennessee Shindig and Jukebox Theater.

Paula Michelle performed with Ray Charles on the Diet Pepsi tour. She has performed in local venues as well.

Dave Spiecker performed in the Miracle Theater, Jukebox Theater and on cruise ships.

Michael Frost has performed as Judas and other roles in the Miracle Theater. A talented song writer, he has released a solo CD featuring some of his own songs.

Jennifer Frost performed at the Miracle Theater and The Great Smoky Mountain Murder Mystery Theater.

Donny Richmond written and recorded  and performed 10 #1 Hits in the US Country Gospel genre as well as several #1 hits in more than a dozen other countries. He recorded “Jesus is My Lifeline” with Stonewall Jackson and received CGMA’s Legendary Achievement Award at the Grand Ole Opry for his the song. He has earned several Music Association Awards including; Artist of the Decade, Entertainer Of The Decade, and 6 times Entertainer Of The Year

Mark Allen worked two years at Dollywood and performed with Tommy James and the Shondells. He has toured with country greats such as Conway Twitty, Jack Green, Moe Bandy and Joe Stamply, Kenny Chesney and John Michael Montgomery.

Biblical Times is well written and professionally performed and is a must see attraction. The show is inspiring and will amaze and the special effects are not to be missed.

For more information call toll Free:  (888)908.3327 or (865)908.3327 or visit the web site

By Michael Williams

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