1st and 10 Foundation kicks off Christmas for Child & Family Tennessee’s youth


Full of heart and generosity would be an understatement when describing famed Miami Dolphin NFL star Chad Pennington and his parents, Denise and Elwood.

Each year, Chad’s 1st and 10 Foundation sponsors a Christmas shopping spree and party for the children in Child & Family Tennessee’s group homes and foster care program.

“This annual event is really special to me, being a native of the Knoxville area,” Chad said. “We enjoy helping to make the holiday season a little brighter for these kids.” 

This year, 37 at-risk children were each given a $250 gift card to shop at a local Target at Turkey Creek in West Knoxville

“This is an incredible holiday experience for our children,” said Interim President and CEO Joe Haas. “Without the 1st and 10 Foundation, these children’s Christmas would not be nearly as wonderful. I cannot thank the Pennington family enough for their kindness year after year.”

Following the shopping spree, the children were taken to Zuma Fun Center on Parkside Drive, where they were treated to pizza, soft drinks, unlimited game tokens and goody bags.

Yvette of Child and Family Services helped this young man pick out a pair of shoes, some fishing equipment and other items from his Christmas shopping list.

Chad and Robin Pennington created the 1st and 10 Foundation in 2003 with the mission to build stronger communities by funding programs and institutions that seek to improve quality of life throughout southern West Virginia and the Tri-State area, East Tennessee and South Florida. For more information, visit www.1stand10foundation.com.

Nurturing East Tennesseans since 1929, Child & Family Tennessee, a private nonprofit, provides refuge for more than 28,000 women, children and families annually. CFT helps families and individuals rebuild their lives and achieve self-sufficiency through its five core areas of service – Encourage Wellness and Recovery; End the Cycle of Abuse; Promote Successful Adulthood; Provide Education and Prevention; and Shape Healthy Young Lives.

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